About Us


‘Empowerment through Education’
To make the institution a centre for excellence in the global context.


• To create a culture of self-development and social involvement among the students and faculty members, by providing the required organizational structure and intellectual interventions, both from within and outside the institution..


1. To increase the conceptual clarity and knowledge of students in courses taught.

2. To make the teaching learning process interactive and co-operative.

3. To enrich the students with practical knowledge through industrial visits, field trips and linkages with industry.

4. To enhance employability of learners through a spectrum of skill based courses.

5. To impart value-based education to our students.

6. To inculcate critical thinking and tolerance to diversity.

7. To promote a research culture amongst faculty and students.

8. To sensitise students towards gender and environmental issues.

9. To work in collaboration with other educational institutions, industries, NGO’s and other stakeholders.

10. To make further strides at improving the overall infrastructure.

11. To improve ICT infrastructure and its enhanced use in pedagogy.

12. To provide opportunities to staff and students for updating their knowledge and skills.