About Us


‘Empowerment through Education’
To make the institution a centre for excellence in the global context.


• To impart value based quality education devoid of all discriminations and to make our students self dependent and confident.
• To contribute to the transformation of society through teaching, learning and extension services.
• To provide equal access and opportunities especially to the socially and economically disadvantaged students in order to strive for excellence.


• To impart thorough subject knowledge to our students.
• To provide value based education to our students.
• To meet professional requirements and the needs of responsible citizenship.
• To encourage the development of a multi – disciplinary perspective among all students.
• To encourage and inculcate a holistic perspective on issues which greatly enhance students’ information and outlook.
• To encourage critical thinking and tolerance of diversity.
• To see that the students are aided in their learning process through different teaching methods.
• To promote and preserve our culture inculcating the virtues of selfless service to the society.
• To nurture and nourish democratic values and practice a secular outlook.
• To use class room situations to sharpen analytical skills and rational thinking.
• To contribute to the personality development of the student.
• To make education job oriented by offering a spectrum of courses.
• To reach out to the community around the college in areas such as health, environment and social issues.
• To improve the infrastructure of the college with emphasis on ICT.
• To promote research appetite of the faculty and students.
• To encourage students’ participation in co-curricular and extra-curricular activities.
• To provide an opportunity to the staff to update their knowledge and skills.