Information Technology

The information technology subject is available in place of one of the optional languages (i.e. Hindi or Marathi,).


  • To acquire the basic knowledge of information technology.
  • To learn the concepts of content creation.
  • To expand the capabilities to access the information using internet.
  • To acquire skills for creation of static/dynamic web applications using multimedia.
  • To develop an ability to use office automation tools.
  • To recognize the areas of information technology applications.
  • To develop an ability to implement IT in education.
  • To understand the impact of e-commerce.
  • To acquire skills of data presentation.

The admission should be sought at the First year level. Application for this stream: made separately, after admission in the respective general stream, each course can admit only 30 students per batch. The selection of students will be made on merit, interview and Once admitted, the students cannot change the specialization ordinarily.

The University is modifying the Vocational Stream by converting the same into Certificate Diploma/Advanced Diploma Programme. These high utility courses, taught along with traditional subjects, have immense potential of developing specialized skills and knowledge of the students to improve their competencies. The following Certificate/Diploma/Advance Diploma & Degree courses are available in the college.