Ramanand Arya D. A. V. College Alumni Association.

Ramanand Arya D. A. V. College is interested in starting an Alumni Association. The purpose of the alumni will be to foster a spirit of loyalty and to promote the general welfare of the community and the college. Lot of college in Mumbai have their Alumni associations, it helps to strengthen ties between the ex-students, the community and the college.

Purpose of forming the Alumni Association : There a lot of students who have the enthusiasm and willingness to take up issues which enhance the organisational goals.of several individuals who are willing to take on the organizational initiative and sustain it. They also have an interest to be in the company of their college friends and share their achievements and happiness with others. There is a willingness to contribute time and motivate the other friends.

Composition of the Managing Commitee of the Alumni Association :

The Principal will be the Chairman of the Association. There will be other members comprising of one / two faculty members, one / two non teaching staff member and three / five ex student members. One of the members will act as a Secretary to maintain all the relevant records like minutes book, etc.

Funds for the Alumni association.

The funds can be generated by contribution from the College and / or a nominal contribution from the ex-student members One-time as Life Membersip fees.

How to contact the Alumi members initially.

We can use the College web site to ask the ex-students to enrol their names along with basic details like contact address, contact number, e mail id. present job position, marital status, areas of interest, etc. Also help can be taken from forming groups in social media web sites like facebook, whatsapp, etc.

Plan of activities for the year 2014-15.

We can have a get together meet of all the students who have registered in the web site, etc and call them to attend the Collge on a Sunday, preferable, 11th January, 2015. We can have cultural programme and information sharing session followed by lunch. Teh purpose of the meet will be have beginning of the Alumni association and also to plan for the future.


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