R.A.D.A.V. Alumni:

The Association of RADAV College Alumni, is an external appendage of the college. The executive committee has a Chairman, The Alumni are actively involved in show case projects, social work, and public relations. The college invites its alumni to register their details with the committee or the College office. In response to the request from some of the ex-students, it has been decided to accept their contribution and support for institutional development as well as towards student/staff welfare endowments.

National Service Scheme :

The College has a NSS Unit. Students, who are really interested in doing social work, are welcome to join the college NSS Unit. The actual enrolment however will depend upon the University guidelines.

Teacher Evaluation by Students :

The College conducts annual Teacher Evaluation by students. The feedback and evaluat scheme is conducted on the basis of a structured questionnaire which enables an analysis certain important aspects of teaching-learning process, such as class control, command o the subject and the medium of instruction, presentation skills, use of interactive presentation participation in extra curricular activities etc. Individual teachers conduct the feedback exercise and calculate their respective weighted ratings for self-analysis and improvement.

Emergency Medical Service :

The College provides emergency medical services to students and staff whenever the contingency arises. The College has medical services available at call, which can be availed by students on need. First aid room is available in the campus.

Group insurance scheme

The group insurance schemeinitiated by the college has been extended to all the students the Government of Maharashtra vide letter no.PRE-2001/57783/2891/PRA-SHI-l dated July 2002. Every student therefore is governed by accident insurance scheme introduced the Government of Maharashtra.