Junior College

The college conducts First Year Junior College and F.Y./S.Y- Degree examinations, the HSC Board and the University conducts the S.YJ.C. and T.Y- B.Com-B.M.S. B.S.C. – LT B.Com (Banking & Insurance) B.Com (Accounting & Finance) and M.COM Degree examinations respectively. The schemes are briefly stated below.

Junior College students will have to appear for 2 Internal Tests and 2 Term end examinations. Guardians/Parents of the Junior college students should verify the performance of their ward’s examinations attending the parents-teachers interaction session as and when organised by college.

Parents and Guardians are welcome to contact the Jr. College Vice-Principal, Supervisor or Class Teacher for any clarification.

According to the rules laid down by the Maharashtra State Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education, promotion to the SYJC class will be determined on the basis of the marks obtained at the Internal Tests and Two Term-end examinations (200).

The final result of a student will be decided on the basis of the average of marks obtained at these tests/examinations, the formula being:

(a) + (b) + (c) / 2 per subject.

EVS is a compulsory subject. The examinations pattern of EVS is :
Project - 30

Seminar/Internal assessment - 20

------------------- - 50


FYJC Science Examination
Total Marks             200

First Terminal - 50

Second Terminal - 70

------------------- - 120

I st Term - 25

II nd Term - 25

Practical - 30

------------------- - 80

(Students should Pass in both Practical and Theory Exams separately)

FYJC Commerce Examination
Total Marks             200

First Terminal - 50

Second Terminal - 80

------------------- - 130

I st Term - 25

II nd Term - 25

Practical - 20

------------------- - 70


Anyone who fails to appear for the Terminal Examinations on medical ground should inform the college office within two days, supported by medical certificate. An additional examination will be held for such students.

A Committee has been constituted for the purpose of looking into the unfair means adopted by F.YJ.C./S.Y.J.C.students at the examinations like Unit Test, Terminal Examination, etc. If a student is found using unfairmeans, the Junior Supervisor shall make a report to that effect along with the evidence thereon and a statement of the student, and report to the Senior Supervisor/Examination Committee who will then refer the matter to the Unfair means Enquiry Committee for necessary inquiry and recommend to the Principal, the action to be taken * keeping in view of the provision of Sections 34 & 56.5 of the SS Code.