Fee Chart

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XI & XII Commerce
XI & XII Science
FY, SY, TY B. Com
FY, SY, TY (B.Com) (A/F)
M.Com - I / II

Notes Relating to Fees

(a) Examination fees from S.Y.J.C. / T.Y.BCOM. / T.Y.BMS. / T.YB.Sc. IT / T.Y.B&I / T.Y.A&F / T.Y.B.F.M / M.COM. will be collected along with examination forms as and when notified by the HSC Board / University.
(b) Computer/Vocational Course Fees and Deposits are to be paid by only those who have been offered the respective subjects.
(c) Only fresh entrants will pay admission fees and deposits.
(d) Every student admitted to the college will pay contribution towards College Societies, UDAAN, College Festival at the time of admission. The membership fees are collected at the time of admission for convenience.
(e) The fees are for an academic year. Those who have any genuine difficulty in paying the fees in one installment may approach the Principal in writing, for permission to pay the fees in two installments.
(f) Total amount of fees should be paid by all girl students seeking admission to Information Technology (IT) in Junior College courses as the Subject is on unaided basis.
(g) In case of any change in the fees, the same will be notified as and when received from the University/ Government. MODE OF REFUND OF FEES AND DEPOSITS

Junior College

a) If a student informs the institution in writing before the commencement of the academic year that he/she wants to withdraw his/her admission and that he/she cannot continue his/her education in the college for certain reasons, the institution shall refund the Tuition fees, term fees, laboratory fees (if any) and library and laboratory deposits, if any, in full. The admission fee shall however be retained by the institution.

b) If a student desires to withdraw his/her admission after the commencement of the academic year, the institution concerned shall retain the admission fee, term fee and laboratory fee (if any) in full and also the proportionate amount of the tuition fee till the end of the month in which
the refund is claimed. The remaining amount of tuition fee, if any, shall be refunded along with library and laboratory deposits.

c) ‘Refund/withdrawal of admission’ counter will be open from 10.00 a.m. to 1.00 p.m. only. In case of cancellation of admission, if the refund is not collected by the end of financial year, it will stand forfeited. Degree College (O.2859)


O.2859: Refund of Tuition, Development and all other fees after cancellation of admissions: The candidates who have taken admission in under graduate courses in Govt. colleges, In Govt. aided and unaided courses conducted by affiliated colleges, and recognized Institutions may request for refund of fees after applying in writing for cancellation of their admission to the course. The refund of fees as applicable shall be made on or before 30th day there after the date of cancellation and thereafter, The percentage of fee for the course shall be refunded to the candidate after deducting charges as follows:

Period and Percentage  of deduction charges








Prior to commen- cement of academic ‘term and instruction of the course

20 days after the commen- cement of academic term of the course.

21st day upto 50 days after commence- ment of the academic term of the course.

From 51st day upto 80 days after the commencement of academic term of the course or August 31st whichever is earlier.

1st to September



Rs. 500/-
Lump sum

20% of the total amount of fees.

30% of the total amount of fees.

50% of the total amount of fees.

60% of the total amount of fees.

100% of the total amount of fees.

 Deposits :
1.    The amount of Caution Money, Library Deposit, Laboratory Deposits, if any, will be refunded when a student leaves the college or cancels the admission. Deposits not claimed within one
‘year of leaving the college or cancellation of admission will be forfeited.
2.    The amount of deposits will be refunded to the student after 15 days from the date of receipt of their application duly signed by the student and guardian and NOC from the concerned departments.
3.    The students who have not surrendered their Identity Cards, Original Deposit receipts must surrender the same against refund of deposits otherwise he/she stands to lose the deposits.

Junior and Degree college  :
1.    For the purpose of refund of fees, the date of commencement of the academic year is the date reopening of the college for the new academic year, as notified by the University for the relevant year.
2.     Refund of fees and deposits will commence after 15th August every year.